White Wine Spritzer

So, we have already seen the Spritz Aperol cocktail recipe but how about we see a different version of the drink for today? Well, it’s called White Wine Spritzer or better yet, the Austrian Spritzer, as it was invented in Venice while the city still belonged to the Austrian Empire. The drink is actually really popular in Austria, but also in Germany as well. The word “spritzer” itself, comes from the German word “spritzen” which means “sprinkle, spray, etc.”

This variation of the cocktail is made with white wine and carbonated water, also known as club soda water. It may be garnished with a slice of lime or with fruits of your own personal preference if you wish. These fruits may be also added to the drink instead of being used only as a garnish in the rim of the glass. The choice is yours really and the use of different fruits,  makes each time a variation of the original drink anyway.

It is usually served in a wine glass, although lately, different kinds of jars along with colorful straws are becoming quite a trend while serving a White Wine Spritzer, and other cocktails in general.

So how about we check this White Wine Spritzer cocktail recipe? Trust me! You are gonna love it! Plus, it really simple and easy to make!


  • 3/4 parts of a glass white wine (chilled)
  • 1/4 part of a glass club soda water
  • A lime slice or some fruits of your preference (for the garnish)


Pour the chilled white wine into a wine glass and top up with the club soda water. Garnish with the lime slice or add the fruits of your preference into the glass and there you go! Your White Wine Spritzer is ready to serve!

Want to see how you can make a refreshing White Wine Spritzer cocktail?

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