Watermelon Bellini

Remember our lovely and tasteful Bellini Cocktail? You know, the one with the peach purée and the Prosecco? The one named after the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini? What a great cocktail, right? Well, what if I told you I have another version of this cocktail? One that will excite your imagination first and your taste buds afterwards? How am I going to do that? Easily! I am exchanging the peach purée for watermelon purée and there it is! I have the Watermelon Bellini cocktail!

Sounds nice? It is! You get to have a great combination of bubbly and a really summer fruit,  one of the most representative ones of the season to be exact! I for once love watermelon and when I tried the drink, I loved it even further than the original Bellini cocktail recipe!  I am sure you are intrigued now!

Wanna know what is really awesome about that drink? You can either use Champagne or Prosecco! It tastes great whichever one you choose to use! AND you do not have to break a sweat! It is really easy to make and you get to save a few minutes of your time as 5 minutes is all you need for its preparation!

But how about I stop fussing around so that you can take a look at the Watermelon Bellini cocktail recipe? Sounds good? Come on then! Have a pick! I’m sure you will enjoy it! 😉



Pour your fresh watermelon purée into a chilled champagne flute or a chilled wine glass. Top up with the Champagne or the Prosecco, according to your preference, garnish with the watermelon piece and there, your Watermelon Bellini cocktail is ready to serve!

Wanna see how you can make a Watermelon Bellini cocktail?

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