So, In my last post I talked to you about 5 top French wine regions that you can visit as a way to both broaden your knowledge on wines and have a fun at the same time. Before we move on with more wine regions around the world, and trust me, there are quite a few to explore, I would like to talk to you about another way that will help you learn more about wine related topics.

You see, apart from visiting wine regions, and though it’s a wonderful way to learn your way around the wine field, it is not easy to do this all the time. Sometimes it takes months and months before you can actually schedule a trip. It doesn’t matter whether it is two hours away in the convenience of your car or two hours by plane to a foreign country. I get that!

So, today I am going to get a little bit into one of the other steps that can help you become a wine expert. I am going to talk to you about some of the top wine blogs of the world. They are an unlimited source of information and you do not have to break a sweat! You can do it anytime anywhere! All you need is your laptop or your phone and a line internet! It is that simple!

Of course, since there are a LOT of wine blogs worthy of your attention, we are going to start with 7 of them for the time being and check more as we go!

And since we have quite a lot to cover I say we get started right now!

Here’s is a list with some of the top wine blogs of the world:

  1. Wine Folly –
  2. Wine Searcher –
  3. Wine Spectator –
  4. Wine Enthusiast –
  5. Dr. Vino –
  6. Vinography –
  7. Vinepair –

Let’s see why the above blogs are top of the top!

Wine Folly

Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! is a blog with an absolutely wide variety of information regarding wine. It covers from wine basics to more specific and specialized information in the wine field. It is a great blog for beginners but for advanced wine lovers and wine connoisseurs as well. You will find a pile of articles, videos and infographics among others, that will prove to be extremely useful.

The team of consists of Madeline Puckette, a certified Sommelier – responsible for the content and hosting of the blog, Justin Hammack – entrepreneur, developer and in charge of the Marketing section and a mysterious grammatologist of the blog called “The Shadow”. Madeline Puckette was declared as “Wine Blogger of the Year” in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in 2013.

The site is simple and so is the way that every little info is described. You will find the quote of Clare Buth Luce, that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, is a perfect one to refer to

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Common Types of Wine
  2. Champagne vs Prosecco: The Real Differences
  3. How Long Does Wine Last Opened?
  4. Your Brain on Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis
  5. National Wine Days of the Year


Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now!1-99wines is a website where you will find more than 8.000.000 wines available for you purchase. Though wine-searcher you have the ability to compare wine prices and characteristics as it offers data from 61.039 merchants around the world!

The famous wine critic and journalist Jancis Robinson, referred to it as “The most successful, and seriously useful, price comparison website.”

Although wine e-commerce is the website’s main purpose, a great article wine library operates in their blog section that has a lot of knowledge to offer. The company operating from 1999 in the premises of New Zealand, has built up a quite impressive list of articles  primary targeting to wine regions and grape varieties’ information.

The website’s blog is continually updated and it is a source of data that you would like to explore and you should definitely do!

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Scaremongers Spark Fear Over Arsenic in Wine
  2. Sulfite Remover to Lower the Chemical Levels in Wine
  3. Bordeaux Added to Pesticide Blacklist
  4. Burgundy’s Grande Dame, Anne-Claude Leflaive Dies
  5. Napa Sets New Record for Earliest Harvest

Wine Spectator

Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! is one of the most updated sources you will find regarding wine. Many of you are familiar with the magazine I suppose, why not check the website as well? This is the place for you to check wine reviews, wine ratings, videos, news and almost anything you can imagine about the field. There are articles and posts and of course, anyone can pop his/her own question that will be answered by Dr. Vinny. There are always wines recommended by experts, available reports but also forums as well.

Apart from the wine knowledge offered in, there is always so many news presented about what takes place in the field, that will help you keep up with the wine lifestyle and culture at all times. Online courses are also offered covering a wide range of levels, from beginners to more advanced started operating in 1996 and its content is backed up by a wine expertise editorial team while it is one of the most popular wine sites.

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. THE TOP 10 WINES OF 2015 #1- Peter Michael
  2. How to Serve Wine 101: Tips on the Perfect Serving Temperature
  3. Wine Spectator Maps of Wine Regions
  4. Seeking the New Classics
  5. Red Wine Is Romantic for a Reason: Scientists Find It Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

Wine Enthusiast

Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! or is the online version, and not only, of the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Though it also includes information about spirits, food and travel in general, wine is the primary theme of discussion. The Editorial team of the consists of wine experts and each one of them, among other activities, covers two or more wine regions in the world in order to offer the amazing info, available in the site and magazine.

In case you wish to, you can even subscribe to the printed or digital magazine, or even get their application on your mobile phone. Whether you choose to subscribe to the magazine or not, still is a great place to find interesting data about wine basics, tasting tips and a lot more that will help widen your wine horizons.

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Callaway 2009 OPR Cabernet Sauvignon (Temecula Valley)
  2. Washington’s Record-Making Vintages
  3. 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2016
  4. Top 20 Wine Bars In America
  5. Your Cheat Sheet to Serving Wine

Dr. Vino

Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! is definitely a blog worth visiting as it is quite some bit of different from the rest of the wine blogs. But first things first! Dr. Vino, named Tyler Colman in the real world, is the founder and writer of the articles you will find in the blog! AND he is a doctor! For real! “The political economy of the wine industry in France and the United States” is the topic of his PhD dissertation. Impressive right? Yes, I think it is! In spite of his elevated knowledge on the wine industry, you will find his articles to be easy and really fun to read, as apart from the wine reviews and recommendations, you will also find from fun wine stories to wine quotes and much much more! Food & Wine thinks so, the New York Times think so and they are not the only ones! Take a look! It’s worth your time all the way!

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Oxford Dictionary Admits Wine O’Clock
  2. State Dinner Wines For President Xi
  3. Things Heating Up in Europe
  4. A Sommelier’s Niche: Bordeaux Classified Growth
  5. Wine Apps: Finding The Best


Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! is one of the perfect wine blogs to begin with if you are just starting to learn about wine. Just to give you a clue, one of its main sections is called “Wine 101”! You’ve got a whole series of articles just for beginners, from individual articles on grape varieties and wine basics to serving tips and food pairings. You will also find news on wine events and information on wine history as well as vineyards and funny wine-themed pictures.

There are even wine applications and quizzes you can indulge yourself to! And just for the record, I have already tried some of them and they are really fun!

Go for VinePair! I think you will just love it!

Plus, just for your information, in case you are interested about beer and other spirits, VinePair has 101s for these as well!

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Wine As A Bedtime Snack Helps With Weight Loss
  2. The Amount Of Wine Teachers Need To Survive Every School Year Situation
  3. 7 Warming Winter Sangria Recipes
  4. 101 Reasons To Pour Another Glass Of Wine
  5. The One Thing You Should Be Drinking To Prevent A Cold


Top Wine Blogs - Take a look at the first 7 ones now! is one of the most authoritative wine blogs there are at the moment. It was founded on 2004 by Alder Yarrow, who is also the editor of the blog. It has a lot of categories for you to choose and look around, from the most basic wine information to wine, book and restaurant reviews from around the world. Apart from the wine activities, you will also find the latest food activities and wine news. And the list is endless for that matter.

Take a tour around the site, you will be inevitably hooked!

Included Categories:

Top Rated Posts

  1. Do You Need to Worry About Arsenic in Your Wine?
  2. Warm Up: Madeira
  3. San Francisco’s Lost Sommeliers
  4. Martha Stewart’s Wine Cellar is a Disaster
  5. Secrets of the World’s Best Wine Lists

To Conclude

You now have 7 of the top wine blogs at your disposal to explore! Of course, we have even more to see and this is just the beginning, but I say that the earlier you start the quicker you will learn! The quicker you learn, the more info you will get to absorb!

See?! It’s not so hard after all! You do not have to necessarily take a ton of books and read like a mad person to get the wine knowledge you want! You do not even have to take classes at a university to learn new things about wine! You can now have the information you need with just a few clicks, from the comfort of your home or any place you like!

So, get started on becoming a wine expert and I will be back with more of the top wine blogs that will help you get the knowledge you need!

Stay tuned and knock yourselves out on those wine blogs! No need to wait any longer!

By the way, these may only be some of the top wine blogs, but how about you take a look and let me know what you think of them in the comments below… Your feedback is always valuable and much appreciated…

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