It’s only April, but somehow it already seems like it’s summer! The sun, the heat is rising, the flowers are blooming and there’s nothing more refreshing than drinking a nice cocktail by the sea. I know, I know! I am a bit over my head here but what’s wrong with dreaming, after all, summertime is not that far!

So, how about a little Summer cocktail to get a preview? I think I’ll say yes and introduce to you the Strawberry Moscato Cocktail recipe!

What’s it made of? Well, you already know that 2 main ingredients, strawberries and Moscato wine! What you probably did not know is that this recipe contains pink Moscato and not the white one as usual! And yes, that is a bit more pink in the equation apart from the strawberries. Lemonade and a lemon slice are the rest of the missing ingredients of the drink. Of course, there are a lot of versions of this cocktail as you can alter the strawberries with other fruits of your preference to give the drink a little bit of your touch.

It is really easy to make and it can well be served in parties and friendly gatherings!

But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you check for yourself?


  • 3 parts (of a glass) pink Moscato, chilled
  • 1 part (of a glass) lemonade
  • 4 strawberries (2 whole and 2 chopped)
  • A lemon slice


Put in a chilled wine glass or a tumbler, one of the whole straberries and crush it with a muddler until the juice starts to come out. Add the slice of lemon and the two chopped strawberries into the glass. Pour the chilled pink moscato into the glass and then add slowly the lemonade. Garnish with the whole straberry and your Strawberry Moscato Cocktail is ready to serve!

How about we check on a different version of the Strawberry Moscato Cocktail?

What you probably did not know is that this recipe contains pink Moscato and not the white one as… Click To Tweet
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