Rossini Cocktail

Care to see the beautiful cousin of the Bellini? Well, the Rossini Cocktail is here! To be exact, it has been here for quite a few years. You see, this drink is the most famous variation of the original Bellini cocktail, along with the Mimosa, Tintoretto and Puccini cocktails. (Don’t worry, we will those too in later posts.)

This delicious cocktail got its name from the famous Italian composer Gioachino Rossini! Not familiar with him? Oh, I am sure you are! And even if your are not with his name, you are definitely familiar with his widely known opera: The Barber of Seville! See? I told you, you were familiar with him!

So, wondering why I called the Rossini, the beautiful cousin of the Bellini Cocktail? As we have previously seen, the Bellini is made out of our favorite sparkling wine, Prosecco, and some peach purée. In this case, the Rossini cocktail is also made with Prosecco, but instead of peach purée, we have strawberry purée. Isn’t that easy?! Piece of cake I would say and what a taste?! And honestly? Strawberry does look better than the peach, don’t you think?! (Well, at least the girls will agree with me!)

So, enough with the small talk! Should we take a look at the recipe of the Rossini cocktail?


  • 90 ml / 3 parts Prosecco
  • 30 ml / 1 part strawberries, puréed 
  • 1 piece of strawberry, sliced (for the garnish)


Pour the purréed strawberries into a chilled wine glass or a Champagne flute glass and top up slowly with the Prosecco. Garnish with the piece of strawberry on the rim of the glass and your Rossini cocktail is ready to serve! Alternatively, you may also pour some of the Prosecco into the glass first, then add the purée and top up with the rest of the Prosecco. Add your garnish and serve.

Would you like to check how you can make a Rossini Cocktail from Jamie Oliver?

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