Red Wine Spritzer

In the previous posts I talked to you about the White Wine Spritzer and the Spritz Aperol cocktails. Don’t you remember? Well, let me remind you a few things about them before we move on to the cocktail I have for you today! It’s called Red Wine Spritzer and it is very much alike the above two.

The word “spritzer” comes from the German word “spritzen” which means “sprinkle, spray, etc.” Both of the aforementioned cocktails have that characteristic exactly that makes them worthwhile of their names. They sprinkle in some way. You see, both of them have an ingredient that adds the bubbles. The White Wine Spritzer has the club soda water and the Spritz Aperol, has the sparkling wine.

So, what’s the difference with today’s drink you may ask! Well, it’s the red wine used as the main ingredient of the recipe. And even though, they may all look very similar in the way they are made, they are quite different in the way they taste.

But how about you take a look at the Red Wine Spritzer recipe and see if I’m right?


  • 3/4 parts of a glass red wine (chilled)
  • 1/4 part of a glass club soda water
  • A lime slice or some fruits of your preference like raspberries or blueberries (for the garnish)


Pour the *chilled red wine into a wine glass or an old-fashioned glass. You may even use a cocktail jar if you like. Top up your drink with the club soda water and add the fruits of your preference into the glass. There you go! Your Red Wine Spritzer is ready to serve!

*If you like your cocktail even cooler, you might as well add some ice in your glass before adding the ingredients.

Wanna check how to make a Red Wine Spritzer cocktail?

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