Fruit Wine Slushie

Have you seen those slushies that everyone is walking around with in the summer? In the beach, in the streets, in the mall and almost everywhere you can imagine and in every color you might think of! They are so refreshing that every time I happen to see one on my way, there is only one thing that is keeping me from getting one! The fact that there is absolutely no little splash of wine it! No no no no!!! Don’t get me wrong!! I am not an alcoholic!! It’s just that I love wine so very much!! As much as you do!;)

So, since, I cannot seem to take that thought off my mind I decided to embrace it instead! And that is why I am giving you a Fruit Wine Slushie recipe! What kind of fruit slushie that is? Well, I happened to use on of my favorite combinations but it really works and it is just yummy! However, besides the fact that it tastes real good, the coolest part of all is that you get to change the fruit I am using and go for the ones of your own specific taste!

Care to join me for a little pick in this Fruit Wine Slushie recipe?


  • 370ml White Wine
  • 100gr Peach, cut into pieces
  • 100gr Blueberries
  • 15gr Sugar
  • 3 Leaves Fresh Mint (plus some more to garnish)
  • Some Ice Cubes


Put the peach pieces and blueberries into a blender along with the sugar, 280ml white wine and the 3 fresh mint leaves(make sure to wash them first). Mix for a bit, until you have a smooth mixture. Place the mixture into ice cube trays and put them in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours at least. Take the frozen mixture cubes and put them in the blender along with some ice cubes and the rest 90ml of white wine. Blend until you have a nice mixture and pour into wine glasses. Garnish with some mint and your Fruit Wine Slushies are ready to serve!

Wanna have a look at another Fruit Wine Slushie version?

The coolest part of all is that you get to change the fruit I am using and go for the ones you want! Click To Tweet
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