So, one of the things I haven’t told you about me till now is that when I started educating myself on wine, I also started seeking ways on how to use all these wine bottles me and my friends were so delighted in emptying. I knew it would be a waste if I just threw them away and even though recycling is a noble cause, I thought I could still find a more creative way to use them! And that’s when it hit me!

What if I could turn all those wine bottles into something more beautiful once the wine was consumed? More beautiful and maybe even practical?

That’s when I started checking on DIY for wine bottles! I started checking on Youtube for videos, on Pinterest for pictures and articles and generally on the web for ideas on how to use those wine bottles after all! In all of the above resources, there was one dominating idea that seemed to appeal to almost every taste, along with mine! I could turn them into home decorations and there are so many ideas on that, more than anyone could have expected. And that’s what I did! And that’s what I am going to show you today! I am going to guide you step by step on how to DIY your wine bottle into the perfect home decoration! How can you do that? Well, follow my lead!

But Let’s Check On Some Basics Before You Get Started…

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

Choose Your Crafting Plan And Gather Everything You Will Need

First things first, what you need to do is choose the plan you are going to follow in turning your wine bottle in the perfect home decoration for you.

As you may have seen, when it comes to DIY a bottle, there are endless color combinations as well as a great variety of decorations you can put on them. You may see a bottle painted with a single color and then again you may see another one with colorful strings on it or even complex patterns that make you think they were truly made by a professional. No matter what the technique used, you still think they look absolutely amazing. No matter the technique, I can still tell you for sure they were made by simple people like you and me, that wanted to repurpose their wine bottles in an artistic way.

Having a crafting plan allows you to get everything you will need to make your idea a reality and it definitely is much easier and practical to have them beforehand so as not to stall and avoid difficulties and unpleasant delays

So, choose the crafting plan you are going to follow, and gather all the stuff that you will need.


Here’s a list of the basic things you will need no matter what your plan is

  • A wine bottle (of course)
  • White Paint (acrylic or chalk)
  • Matte or Gloss Crafting Glue
  • A paint brush or two (one for the paint and one for the glue)
  • Decorations of your choice (twine, decoration items, decoupage paper, napkin, etc.)

Clean Your Bottle Off The Wine Label and Any Kind Of Dirt

You see, before you do anything further you need to get your wine bottle prepared. And by that, I mean that you have to clean your wine bottle off its label and any kind of dirt or glue that might be on it. How do you do that? Nothing easier! Just fill your sink with warm or relatively hot water and put the wine bottle in it! You may add some liquid soap in and leave it there for about half an hour. After that, you may take the bottle in your hands and remove the label first. With the help of a wet sponge, you may clean the bottle. Make sure to use the hard side of the sponge where the glue from the wine’s label was applied. Wipe the remaining water and there! Your wine bottle is ready for crafting!

But, how about we start crafting, shall we? These are the 4 steps you should take so that you can DIY Your Wine Bottle into the perfect home decoration…

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

Step No #1: Paint Your Wine Bottle With White Acrylic Paint or With Gesso

The first thing you need to do once you have everything ready is to take your paint brush and paint your wine bottle with white acrylic paint or Gesso. Why should you do that? Both of them are used as a base before you apply the color of your liking. They act as primers and stabilizers for the color or colors you are going to apply next.

Apart from that, applying white acrylic paint or Gesso allows you to cover the existing color of your wine bottle. As you already know most of the wine bottles are either green or blue. Unless the wine you drank is Champagne or Rosé, your bottle is probably not going to be of a clear color. And even if it is, you are still going to need to apply some kind of primer so that you do not need to spend that much of your final color on the bottle! Alternatively, if that is more convenient for you, you may also use matte white spray paint. I personally prefer to use white acrylic paint. I actually love white color, it matches with my furniture and it is much more convenient when I use the decoupage technique! By the way, great technique and rather easier to use than it actually seems to be, plus, the outcome is fantastic!

So, apply a hand or two of white acrylic paint, Gesso or white spray, let it dry for a few hours and then proceed to the next step of your crafting.

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

Step No #2: Paint Your Wine Bottle With The Color of Your Choice

Now that you have already applied the primer of your choice on your wine bottle, it’s time for you to apply the color of your preference! You may pick up your brush paint that bottle! A little tip here for you would be to start from the bottom of the bottle going up. Do it slowly and make sure you leave at about the same quantity of color on every part of your surface. The color will dry much more quickly and the looks of it will seem smoother!!

As an alternative to an acrylic paint, you may use chalk paint! I have used both of them and although they look really impressive, I tend to like chalk paint better due to the color palate range and the texture. Plus it dries within one to one and a half hours, and I like the texture of it better. But that’s completely on your taste! You see, acrylic colors have a greater variety to choose from in comparison to chalk colors and they are even cheaper! What I usually like to do is generally have a wide range of acrylic paints and just a selection of chalk ones for when I want to try something a bit more special!

Take a look around at the store and see you like the most, experiment with both acrylic and chalk colors and see what fits your taste and character more!! It’s your creativity plan you are displaying after all!!

Just let the paint dry for a few hours so that it stabilizes and move on to step no 3!

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

Step No #3: Time to Put Some Decorations On Your Wine Bottle

So, since your color has now stabilized, you are ready to decorate your bottle. How can you do that? Piece of cake! Just stay with me! All you need is the decoration items you have chosen and some crafting glue! But let me explain about to those items. Even if you do not get to choose a special technique like decoupage one, where you have to use special decoupage paper or napkin to carry out the craft, you still have a great variety of items to use! Items you have the ability to buy but also find in your house! They can be buttons, twine, decorative flowers, fabric or even beer caps, toothpicks and straws that might help you in your crafting! (It might be a good chance to also use some other long forgotten items you have kept for quite some time but still cherish cause they look sooooo cute!) Everything is acceptable, it’s your creativity moment, remember??

So, how do you put them on your wine bottle? Take some crafting glue with the second brush, not the one you used for your paint, and apply it exactly on the spot you want your decorative items to be placed. Press them for two minutes firmly against the bottle and let it dry! There!! Your items are glued!! Wasn’t that easy??

Ok, but what do you do if you want to paint something on your bottle rather than glue it up? Well, you just do it! And if you want for it to look really good, you may just use some stencils. You see, those are really good and especially useful for those of us that though they love paintings, it is just impossible for them to even draw a straight line! Yeap!! I am one of them! So, I have found stencils to be really cool crafting tools! You can put the stencil on top of the spot on the bottle where you would like to use it, paint over it with the color of your preference and just let it dry. It’s as easy as that! On top of that, there are tons and tons of shapes, figures, letters, etc. you can find on stencils. Whatever you like, it’s there for you to use!

Just a Note: If you do choose to put some items on your bottle, you might want to take a look at step no #4 first, and then come back to step no #3.

And that brings us to the last step of how to DIY your wine bottle into the perfect home decoration!

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

Step No #4: Cover Your Wine Bottle With Some Crafting Glue

So, since this is the last step of your crafting, what you ideally want to do is give a finishing touch to your perfect wine bottle now turned into a piece of art! What’s that? Well, are you familiar with that shiny, glossy finish that you usually see furniture have? When it comes to a wine bottle, you can use the crafting glue you used for sticking your decorative items on it, for that purpose. Plus it acts a seal to the color under it! How to that? Easy! Just pick up your glue brush and cover your bottle with it! Let it dry and you will see it shine!

Usually, there are different kinds of varnishes for that purpose, however, I find it more practical to use the crafting glue since it is something always available in my house! In most occasions, you will use it to decorate your wine bottles, so why bother at the moment, buying more things that you might need? Again experiment with a few bottles and then if you think that a more specialized varnish could be more handy to you, you can always go and buy some!

Let it dry for about 30 to 60 minutes and your decoration is ready!!

DIY Your Wine Bottle Now! The complete How To!

All the Steps You Need To Follow To DIY Your Wine Bottle Into The Perfect Home Decoration

Let’s have a quick list with the key takeaway steps to conclude…

  1. Think about how you want your wine bottle to be after your craft is finished and gather everything you will need to get things going before you actually get started.
  2. Clean your wine bottle thoroughly off the label, glue and any dirt that might be on it. You will need some warm to hot water and a sponge.
  3. Use some white acrylic paint, gesso or even matte white spray paint as a primer. It will both cover the bottle’s color and help you with the color applied next.
  4. Apply the color or colors of your choice on the wine bottle.
  5. Put some decorations on the bottle with the help of a crafting glue, use stencils to paint it or a paint brush and your talent to do as your imagination orders.
  6. Seal your wine bottle’s color with your crafting glue. It will give your craft a nice finish.

So, this is how to DIY your wine bottle into the perfect home decoration! All you have to do is use this guide along with your imagination!

It’s quite easy to do and instead of tossing all of those wine bottles after the wine is done, give yourself a chance and turn them into something beautiful for your home!!

By the way, let me know how that went! I would just love to see what you did your empty wine bottles and maybe we can exchange ideas on that…!!! Until then?! Have Fun!!

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