Death In The Afternoon

Yes! You read that right! There is indeed a cocktail called Death In The Afternoon! And, no! I am not making it up! Ernest Hemingway did! You know, the American novelist, journalist and the writer of “The Old Man and The Sea“. Hemingway Champagne is another name of the cocktail I am introducing to you today, a fair justification of what I’ve just told you! The cocktail was even included in a cocktail recipe book in 1935.

The cocktail has bubbles of course and it looks quite milky. Absente and Pernod are two of the available alternatives used instead of the Absinthe since it is illegal in some countries. Other variations of the cocktail use other ingredients as well, more than just the Champagne and Absinthe like sugar cubes while some have garnishes such as a rose petal or a lemon twist.

Nevertheless, we are going to see the original recipe as Mr. Hemingway suggested, and it is on you to decide whether you want to mix it up or add a garnish. It is an easy cocktail recipe and I would suggest that you take it easy with the Absinthe if it is the first time to try it if you do choose to use it after all.

Now, let’s move on to the original cocktail recipe to see what this is all about…


  • 150ml / 5 parts Champagne or any other Sparkling Wine, chilled
  • 60ml / 2 parts Absinthe


Pour the Absinthe into a Champagne flute or a Coupe glass and top up with the chilled Champagne or Sparkling Wine. Your Death In The Afternoon cocktail is ready to serve!


You may pour the chilled Champagne or Sparkling Wine in the Champagne flute and then float the Absinthe with a cocktail spoon!

PS: If you haven’t tried Absinthe you may use less of both of the ingredients as long as you keep a 3 to 1 ratio to keep the drink balanced.

Care to take a look on how to make a Death In The Afternoon cocktail?

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