Champagne Classic Cocktail

Well, I have posted so many sparkling wine cocktails, however, I noticed the other day that I had not introduced to you one of the most common cocktails made with our old time classic Champagne! This is the drink that has been the source for all these Champagne based ones such as the New Year Pomegranate Champagne, the Bellini, the French 75, etc. What is that? The Champagne Classic Cocktail!

Exactly! That’s the name of the cocktail recipe and it is in fact included in the List of IBA Official Cocktails. There are quite a few versions of the drink, such as the New Year Pomegranate Champagne cocktail where the garnish and the ingredient parts are only a bit different, and this is not the only one! There are more as many bartenders, as well as non-professionals, are often intrigued in altering and enhancing the recipe according to their liking. Hey! Maybe you can also experiment once you’ve checked on this cocktail recipe!

The Champagne Classic Cocktail is mainly made with Champagne (of course!) and Cognac, a Brandy variety that is! You do not need any cocktail accessories such as a cocktail shaker or a mixing glass! A Champagne flute glass along with the necessary ingredients will do!

So, how about you take a peak at the Champagne Classic Cocktail recipe?


  • 90ml / 3 parts Champagne
  • 30ml / 1 part Cognac
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • A sugar cube
  • A maraschino cherry (for the garnish)
  • An orange slice (for the garnish) *

*Alternately you may use an orange twist or a lemon twist as a garnish.


Put the sugar cube into a Champagne flute glass and soak it with the Angostura Bitters. Pour the cognac into the glass and then add the Champagne gently and slowly. Garnish with the maraschino cherry and the orange slice and your Champagne Classic Cocktail is ready to serve!

Want to have a look on how you can make a Champagne Classic Cocktail?

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