Hello, everybody! Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! And how nice would it be if you took a little trip and celebrate this day somewhere else with a great local wine, just for the kicks of it? Yes, that would definitely be nice! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine in your ideal destination!

However, if you are reading this, chances are that you haven’t actually planned any kind of getaway for Valentine’s Day and for one more time you are going to celebrate this day in the old familiar grounds of yours!

But you know what? Don’t worry! Whether you have already made reservations at a local restaurant or stay at home enjoying a casual dinner with your other half, you can still get your small getaway for the day!

How are you going to do that? By getting a taste of the most famous and wonderful wines from your ideal travel destination for the day!

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Now, I have included only 5 destinations in this post, however, I think that they are the most common ones for us wine lovers!

By the way, and this goes for the single ones or the non-believers on Valentine’s Day ones, please read this post, seriously, it is for you as well! Wine lovers have no labels!

So how about we celebrate Valentine’s Day with Wine from all over the world?

Now, let’s start  with.. a list of the would be travel destinations

A list of the would be travel destinations for Valentine’s Day

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Portugal
  • United States

Got a taste of what’s coming up? I suppose you did!

Let’s go a bit deeper into our ideal getaways and wines!

Destination No #1: If Spain is your would be destination, Go for a Spanish Rosado or a Cava wine

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Would Spain be your ideal getaway for Valentine’s Day? Well, before we get into a wine suggestion I bet you did not know that “San Valentin” is the name for Valentine’s Day in Spain! Quite notable is also the fact that while San Valentin is celebrated all over Spain, in the familiar way of gifts, special dinners and cards among couples, Catalonia is an exception and Valentine’s Day is just another common day.

Well, enough with this info and let’s move to the ideal choice for the Spain lovers. A Spanish Rosado or a Cava Sparkling Wine would be your ideal selection of wine for Valentine’s Day! We have already talked in previous posts both about rosé wines and the Cava wines but how about we remember a couple of things that will justify their choice on this very special day.

Rosé Wines or Rosado wines, as they are called in Spanish, are wines that can be drunk in almost any occasion. They can be drunk as aperitifs or be matched with almost any type of food you choose. It doesn’t matter what your plans are, a good Rosado is always a good choice of wine.

Now, Cava Wines! Cava wines are Spanish sparkling wines. They mainly come from the Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel-lo grape varieties and they can be white, red or rosé. Cavas, like most of the sparkling wines, are festive wines and they are “must-have” for special occasions. What will come as a surprise for you to know, is that above 90% of Cavas is actually produced in Catalonia, you know, the place where “San Valentin” is not celebrated! (it is a bit ironic, I know…)

Destination No #2: Do You Dream of Italy? Amarone and Moscato D’Asti Are Your Pick

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Chances are that if your ideal getaway place for Valentine’s Day is Italy, then you are also a fan of the Romeo and Juliet love story! And you know what? I have just the perfect wine coming from the exact same region where the famous love story of Shakespeare took place, and that is the famous Amarone wine, of course!

Amarone or Amarone Della Valpolicella comes from the region of Verona. It is a straw red wine, mainly made from the grape varieties of Corvina and Rondinella among others. It is a full-bodied wine, high in tannins and it makes a perfect match for a dish high in protein. It is a bit pricey as a wine but it is definitely a good value for your money. After all, there is a good reason why it is not considered one of Italy’s top wines! It is not meant to be drunk young and it is a great wine choice for a memorable Valentine’s Day!

However, if bubbles come to your mind when you are thinking of celebrating Valentine’s day with your other half, then Moscato D’Asti is the right wine for you! It is considered a dessert wine and it is usually accompanied with dessert. It comes from the grape variety Moscato Bianco and it is produced in the Piedmont region, near the town of Asti. It is a light floral sparkling wine with a scent of peach and therefore, an elegant and romantic choice of wine.

Destination No #3: Romantic France calls for Champagne and Red Bordeaux Wine

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Is France the destination of your preference? Well, it makes complete sense! France is, after all, the country of love and romance! And what’s more appropriate than France when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, or as the French call it, the day of “Saint Valentin“! Saint Valentin is pretty much celebrated in the same known to everyone way, through special dinners, exchange of gifts, etc., only just a little bit more!

That’s where Champagne comes in! Champagne took its name from the region of its production in France and it is considered to be one of the most classy and special wines, from its fermentation method, Méthode Champenoise, to its bottling and opening method (rings a bell?)! Two of the main grape varieties used for Champagne are the black Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier while there are quite a few Champagne types you may find.

So, Champagne is one of the most obvious and common choices for Valentine’s Day! But what about another French alternative? Well, there is another choice and it is not one that will disappoint you in case you prefer a classic still wine!

Red Bordeaux is my alternative and though it’s an “oldie”, and by oldie I mean “classic”,  it makes a wonderful selection of wine for a special occasion. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are three of the main grape varieties used for the making of the Red Bordeaux blend wine. It is usually a firm and tannic red wine with deep fruity flavors. It is a wine that you have to taste at least once in your lifetime as a wine lover! Why then not get a taste of it on Valentine’s Day?!

Destination No #4: Thinking of a magic scenery under the evening sky of Portugal? Madeira and Port are the Right wines for you!

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Have you ever seen any photos of Portugal, with this great scenery of rocks and a storming sea? Or the other ones with the calm water in front of the colorful buildings and the small little boats? Well, if you are reading this, I bet you have! So how about some Portuguese wines?

Well, there is Madeira wine for starters! Madeira is a fortified sweet wine that can be drunk before a meal if it is dry, or after it, if it’s sweet, along with a tasteful dessert as a pairing! It comes from the island of Madeira and its production goes way before the 16th century! That should give you a hint about its long history and lasting taste across history! It is one of the most famous Portuguese wines and its sweetness of taste will give you a great experience in combination with the sweet celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day! Consider it as great vintage that will add elegance to your special plans!

On the other hand, there is another famous Portuguese wine and that is the Port wine, or Vinho do Porto, as it is also called. Port wine is also a fortified red wine, and although there are quite a few versions of it (dry, etc.), it is usually served as a dessert wine. If you haven’t tasted a Port wine before and since there are so many styles of it, such as late bottled vintage Port, tawny Port, rosé Port, etc., I would go with a Ruby Port! It is the most common type of Port wine and it is at your own preference whether you would like it to be vintage or not! It is a fruity, velvety, sweet wine that will definitely match the concept of this very special and romantic day!

Destination No #5: Always wanted to visit the Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco? Then it’s time that you tasted Cabernet Sauvignon and White Zinfandel!

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Wine From All Over The World

Wow, the Golden Gate Bridge! What a sight?! Well, if you would like to spend your Valentine’s Day in the US, California would be one of the greatest wine destinations to do so! Why is that? Apart from the exquisite sightseeing of the Bridge, you would be surprised to know that California alone produces almost 90% of the US wines! I know, quite impressive!

Two of the greatest wines produced in California, among others, are the Cabernet Sauvignon or “Cab” and the White Zinfandel or “White Zin”, as often called. And those are my two wine suggestions, if your ideal destination for the 14th of February would be the United States!

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, high in tannins, red wine with the distinctive taste of a green pepper bell and the flavors of dark fruits, like blackberries and cherries. It is a deep passionate wine that makes a great pairing for a fillet steak but also for the concept of the day! Its aromas of vanilla and tobacco will ideally “travel” you in the magical Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco!

But then again there is also the White Zinfandel wine! It is a pink wine (so obviously a Valentine wine already), or a “blush” if you wish. The White Zinfandel or the White Zin is a sweet wine and as of 2006, 10% of the US wine sales belongs to this exact wine! It is not a complex one and therefore, a great choice for beginners tasting! So if you would like a sweet light version of a US wine to match the atmosphere of the day, then White Zinfandel would be a nice pick for you and your Valentine!


Whatever your plans may be for Valentine’s Day, there is really no reason at all, why you shouldn’t take a little bit of taste of your ideal travel destination on this very day!

Try one of the above wines according to your preference and celebrate the 14th of February as much as you can! No matter the choice of your wine, you will find the above selections quite satisfying for the day.

And a bit of suggestion for the single readers of this post or even for the “I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day” ones?

If I were you, I would celebrate this day anyway! Even as a single one or as a “non-believer” (honestly, I’m not making fun of it), February the 14th is always a good day to have fun with friends and of course, it’s always a good day to taste a good glass of wine! After all, wine lovers have no labels! Remember?

So long, people! Make a beautiful day out of Valentine’s Day, or February 14th, if you wish!

I really hope you give my suggestions a try and that they will prove worthy of your expectations! Please let me know if you have any wine suggestions of your own for Valentine’s Day or even share your opinion, if you decide to put the above selections into practice!

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