Hello everybody,

My name is Anastasia and I will be your host for this blog.

Well here’s my story. I have loved wine for a long time now and I have always wondered what it would be like to share my love and passion for wines with other people.

I know what you all think, “Hello! Get out and socialize for crying out loud!”

Well yes! That would be one thing to do! However, I did not make my self clear enough…you are right!

I am a dedicated fan of Jane Austen’s writing, I love travelling, dinner with friends and I can only tell you this: “There is nothing better to accompany those precious moments than a glass of perfect wine.”

So, apart from sharing my love for wines, what I have thought about was… “What if I could encourage other people to love wines as much as I do?”

Well, here’s the deal: I have been making my own wine for 3 years now (personal use only) and I have come to know some quite interesting stuff about the subject.

We all tend to think that it’s difficult to learn more about it but it really isn’t!

So, how about you join me and I promise I will make the best of your time, by sharing some valuable information about wines I learned along the way!

In 99wines.net, I will be talking about everything related to wines, from grape varieties and their characteristics, to the perfect choice of wine for every circumstance and social event.

Are you interested? Well… tag along!