So, remember how I talked to you about wine journals?You know, one of the 11 useful wine tools? The one you can use to help you become a wine expert?

You don’t? Well, that’s ok! I am going to help you with a little bit of information about wine journals and get a closer look at them and why we need them! Let’s recap and get more into them cause I have a pretty cool gift for you at the end of this post so stay with me!

What is a Wine Journal all about?

Well, I say we break it down and move on from there!

Let’s start with the second word first!

The word journal refers to a notebook where you can register and record your thoughts and generally your notes about a certain event, object or whatever’s on your mind, right?

So, according to the above definition of the word “journal”, and in combination with our first word, wine, a Wine Journal is a notebook where you can keep your notes about wines! Obviously!

And that is exactly what it is!

The wine journal is essentially a notebook where you can keep your notes about any wine you have tasted. You can write your thoughts, impressions and opinion about them.

Sounds cool? It is cool!

But really? Do you honestly need a wine journal?

Why not just take a simple notebook for that matter if it is just for taking your notes down?

Well, since it is a journal for wine notes, you will find certain areas, fields that you will definitely not find in a common journal! In those fields you can write the name of the wine, the producer, what it tasted like, what it looked like, if it’s a vintage wine and many many more information like these. Hell, you can even include the label of the wine itself by pasting it into the journal if you like to! Doesn’t that sound different? I bet it does!

“Ok, but why exactly do I need this?”

…you may ask!

You see, the whole purpose of taking wine notes is for you to be able to remember the key information that will help you distinct a certain wine from another one. The notes that you will take at the time of the tasting will help you realize why you like a wine type more than another. They will help you realize more about the wine characteristics. If you are a beginner in tasting wines, it will help you along the way on becoming a wine expert! If you already are a wine expert, you always have to keep on track with new wines appearing and a wine journal is always a good companion in your tasting adventures.

Then again, if being a wine expert is not your thing but you are a wine lover, a wine journal will help you set your own personal wine palate! In this way, whether you want to order a wine at a restaurant or buy one for your pleasure, you will know exactly what to look for!

So, at the end of the day? Who Needs A Wine Journal? I say everyone involved with wine!

Ok, so you now know what a Wine Journal is and who needs it as well. But…

What is that cool gift I talked to you about?

Yes! You guessed that right! It is a Wine Journal, a special gift from me to you! You may download it just like that, it is completely free!

You see, if you are only a beginner, I want you to make an attempt and try to see if it can help you climb your way in becoming a wine expert or a wine connoisseur. If you are already one of them, I hope you get to check yourselves if it actually fulfills its purpose and your expectations along with it.

But how about this specific Wine Journal? What kind of information can you include?

Let’s take a look at the exact type of notes you have the ability to take down in this wine journal I am offering you…

A List Of the Wine Information You Can Note Down…

  1. The Wine Name
  2. The Grape Variety or varieties the wine comes from
  3. If it is a Vintage or not
  4. Who is the Producer of the wine
  5. What is the Alcohol Level (ABV)%
  6. What is the Price of the wine
  7. What is the Type of Wine? Still, sparkling, dessert, etc.
  8. The Wine Glass you tasted the wine in
  9. What is the Color of the wine
  10. What were the Aromas of the wine? What did it smell like?
  11. What were the Flavors of the wine?
  12. What did it taste like?
  13. What is your Personal Rating on the wine?
  14. Date and Place of tasting
  15. A field where you can put the label
  16. Any further Personal Notes you would like to make

As you can see, you can have all the information you might need, for a wine you have just tasted, gathered. Or at least, I hope you do!

To Sum Up…

A Wine Journal is a notebook where you can keep special notes about the wines you taste! No matter what your status of knowledge is, a wine journal is handy and can prove really valuable as a tool. Whether a newbie or a pro, you have to have it!

Well, don’t just take my word for it! Get started now!

Give it a try and make this Wine Journal, I am offering you for free, your most valuable asset in your wine tasting journey!

And By All Means… Please Have Fun!! It is all about us Wine Lovers after all!!

Download Your Wine Journal Here For Free!


I hope this wine journal has everything you need! In case you think it doesn’t, please let me know! I would be happy to discuss any additions you might have in mind and even alter the format if necessary…

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